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Break the Cycle of Ear Infections Webinar

This webinar will be all about ear infections and what you can do to break the cycle of chronic ear issues and prevent other immune challenges from becoming a reality. 👂👂 Join Dr. Savy Ford for this live webinar on Wednesday, March 27th at 7:00 PM! Register on EventBrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/break-the-cycle-of-ear-infections-webinar-tickets-58371712363

Autism, ADHD & Sensory Workshop for Parents

Parents, Maybe your child has been given a label of Austim, ADHD, SPD, or maybe you just know in your gut that there is more going on with your child than others realize. For over five years, Dr. Savy Ford has been helping children, just like yours, grow and exceed expectations. You don’t have to […]

Desserts & Doulas Event

Blossom Family Chiropractic presents Desserts & Doulas 🤰🤱 Wednesday, June 26th at 5:15 PM at our office Pregnant & Soon-to-be Moms are welcome to join us for this fun evening. This is a free event for you mamas to mix and mingle, and connect with our local doulas, birth/family photographers, birth educators, and more. And, […]

What is the Best Way to Stay Healthy through Pregnancy?

As a Chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care, I have always been an advocate of women taking care of themselves through pregnancy. However, now that I am 27 weeks pregnant myself, I realize the importance of this now more than ever! So many of my patients are asking me, “how are you feeling now that […]

Top 3 Ways to Achieve Your Goals in 2017

This past weekend, I flew to San Diego to train with some of the most successful chiropractors in the world. During this workshop, we worked on our yearly goals and created action steps to be able to accomplish these. After a weekend of hard work, I developed my vision for 2017, and am excited to […]

Business of the Month Highlight: Thank You Mama

1. What types of wellness services does Thank You Mama offer? Our mission at Thank You Mama is to empower healthy family beginnings. We offer access to the healing benefits of alternative medicine and in-depth educational opportunities. Offering massage therapy, acupuncture, and herbal medicines, we are committed to servicing the evolving needs of your entire […]

Top 3 Ways to Battle Ear Infections

Top 3 Ways to Battle Ear Infections   With cooler weather comes the Holidays, lots of sweets, and the not-so-jolly sniffles. This time of year is described as the “cold and flu” season and is a time that many experience in an increase in yucky symptoms. These colds promote sinus drainage and excess mucus (fluid) […]

Text Neck – A New Epidemic

When you walk around town, how many people do you notice walking around while looking down at their iPad or iPhone? The other night my husband and I went out for dinner and noticed seven children playing games on an iPad and ten adults checking email or texting. It is estimated that the average child […]

The Best Breakfast Options For Kids

It’s the first week of school and life is chaotic! With all the new school year excitement, nutrition can easily be overlooked. However, proper food choices are crucial for these busy periods. After all, the food we put into our kids’ bodies is the fuel that gives them energy throughout the day. Should our children […]

3 Tips For Keeping Your Family Healthy Throughout The School Year

With summer coming to an end, kids are going back to school….and we all know what that means, GERMS! First your little one comes home with a snotty nose, then mom gets it, then dad. It’s a family affair! There are several things that I recommend families in my practice do when trying to stay […]