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Irregular periods? How a Chiropractor Can Help Your Menstrual Health

Did you know that your MENSTRUAL HEALTH is directly related to your NERVOUS SYSTEM?! Your menstrual cycle and your hormones move together! During each phase (week) of your menstrual cycle, your hormone levels rise and fall. That shift in hormones is the root cause of the physical changes and mood fluctuations that happen during the […]

How can a pediatric chiropractor actually help my child’s health?

This loaded question is one that we hear so often. It usually takes the form of “what does a pediatric chiropractor do?” but we’ve realized that parents don’t want to know technically what we do (although we LOVE to talk about it!). Instead, you want to know how pediatric chiropractic care can positively influence your […]

What is the best time to start the Webster Technique?

From keeping you more comfortable to decreasing labor times, and ensuring your nervous system is at its peak performance while your body has the very important job of growing the newest addition to your family, Chiropractic care gives you an edge during pregnancy. The Webster technique is one specific chiropractic method that can prepare your […]

How does Webster Technique work for pregnant women? Click to find out!

Mamas-to-be, you are amazing! You are bringing life into this world. That’s no small task!  You have a lot of demands placed on your body. Some demands are hormonal stress due to the preparation for birth or physical stress due to the changes you observe in your body. But, have you ever considered chiropractic care […]

Can the Webster Technique help to induce labor during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. You’re growing an entire human and you’re doing everything that you can to protect it! It’s fair to question any treatment, procedure or promise of relief. That’s your mother’s instinct! When pregnant women hear that they can lay on their belly (YAY!) and get a chiropractic adjustment that can help […]

Is the Webster technique safe for you and your baby?

Have you ever considered chiropractic care to put your body back into balance and to help you better function while a new beautiful life is growing inside you? During pregnancy, your body has to undergo physical and psychological changes to accommodate the baby’s growth and development. Unfortunately, some of these shifts and changes can also […]

How can chiropractic care help your baby in their overall health?

There are still many people who are unclear about what chiropractic care really involves and how it can benefit them and their baby’s overall health and well-being. Here is what you need to know about the importance of chiropractic care for you and your baby. The Importance of Chiropractic Care You may have visited a […]

Why it is so important for families to stay healthy and active?

  Are you finished with your resolutions? Is improving your self-care and health a top priority? At the start of each new year, you tend to reflect on how you can make this year better and what should you do to take care of yourself and work towards your own wellness goals. However, people tend […]

Why we Believe it’s NOT “Flu Season”

The deeper that we get into the winter months, the more often we hear “oh, it’s just flu season”. When your kiddos are sick every other week at school when you’re fighting the sniffles and a throbbing head while running around from family to family when you can’t sleep because your sinuses are so full… […]