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Why Having a Chiropractor in your Maternity Team is Important!

Having a reliable support group during your pregnancy is hands down the most important piece of the birthing puzzle! From the OB-GYN, midwives, nurses and doulas, pediatrician, and the whole support staff, having a Webster-certified chiropractor on your maternity team is heaven-sent. Chiropractors who are specifically trained for maternity chiropractic care know exactly how to […]

Your SECOND brain?! What the gut?

Gut feeling “That gut feeling” is a real thing! Your stomach aches from a stressful situation, or you’ve got knots in your stomach from making a decision. Do you know the feeling we are talking about? You’ve got a little nervous system in your gut, the enteric nervous system, which communicates with your brain through […]

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Your kiddo has one main component that controls their ability to feel cool, calm, and collected!  The super science term is the vagus nerve but at Blossom Family Chiropractic, we call it the “brake pedal”! When your kiddo gets ramped up, the vagus nerve is what tells the brain, “alright buddy, it’s time to press […]

What is the best time to start the Webster Technique?

From keeping you more comfortable to decreasing labor times, and ensuring your nervous system is at its peak performance while your body has the very important job of growing the newest addition to your family, Chiropractic care gives you an edge during pregnancy. The Webster technique is one specific chiropractic method that can prepare your […]