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Why Having a Chiropractor in your Maternity Team is Important!

Having a reliable support group during your pregnancy is hands down the most important piece of the birthing puzzle! From the OB-GYN, midwives, nurses and doulas, pediatrician, and the whole support staff, having a Webster-certified chiropractor on your maternity team is heaven-sent.

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Chiropractors who are specifically trained for maternity chiropractic care know exactly how to adjust your body in a gentle and safe way during pregnancy and the difference in the way that your body will feel is night and day!

How Prenatal Chiropractic Care Will Improve Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings so many changes in your life, and the most obvious is your physical attributes. Your tummy gets bigger as your peanut grows, your hips widen to prepare for birth, and your posture changes as your body tries to hold its balance. These are all normal, and from an onlooker’s perspective, it is actually a delight to see a woman carrying another human being. But for someone pregnant, there is a lot more than meets the eye. These changes affect her whole being. 

We know how excited you are and we also understand the struggle because your body is stretching to its full capacity to carry your growing baby. The heavier he or she gets, the weight on your back becomes close to being unbearable, thus the shift on your posture. It makes moving around slower and your lower back will feel the shift. You also tend to feel off-balance sometimes, but thankfully there are chiropractors, like us, who are specifically trained in prenatal chiropractic care! We use the Webster Technique, which is specifically designed for pregnant women. Our team of maternity chiropractors uses gentle adjustments that help improve your overall comfort while you’re carrying your sweet babe.

Life-changing effects of maternity chiropractic care.

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Prenatal chiropractic care coming from a team of Webster-certified maternity chiropractors will help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and prepare your body for birth!

  • Makes room for the baby.

Since the baby is growing, he or she needs room to move around inside the tummy. Each month your baby grows and changes until it reaches maturity and gets into a head down, position. It is vital for the baby to have sufficient space inside to grow, which can be addressed by a professional maternity chiropractor. Our gentle adjustments remove tension from a mother’s uterus and hips, which gives their baby more space to move!

  • Preparation for childbirth

There is no manual that really prepares you for childbirth, so the best you can do is to prepare your body for what’s to come. If you are physically ready, your brain signals the rest of your body not to worry. Because your body is aligned from prenatal chiropractic adjustments, your brain is not concerned with the physical act of birth – that is innate, momma. Your body will lean into its instincts. Instead, your head space can be filled with your affirmations and emotions while you bring life into this world. 

  • Reduced aches and pain

From the earliest stages of pregnancy up until postpartum, a woman experiences different kinds and degrees of discomfort. During the first trimester, there’s nausea caused by the changes in hormones secreted by the body. Just when she’s about to enter the second trimester, she’ll feel the shift in gravity due to the weight of the sweet baby she’s carrying. Aches and back pains will then be added to the list. Then, around the time of her labor, she’ll experience pelvic discomfort. As the pregnancy progresses, so does the list of unpleasant experiences. BUT just because these discomforts are common, does not mean you have to bear them. A Webster Certified chiropractor uses gentle and specific adjustments to keep your hips and pelvis aligned during your pregnancy, which significantly decreases the “common” discomforts.

So, will a Prenatal Chiropractor be on Your Maternity Team?

Given the benefits that your body will definitely reap by having a maternity chiropractor on your prenatal team, is it a go or a no?

When you’re ready to bring a Webster-Certified Chiropractor into your whole pregnancy-childbirth-child-rearing journey, we are here for you.

At Blossom Family Chiropractic, we are a team of Webster-certified chiropractors in St. Petersburg, Florida who are specifically trained in prenatal chiropractic care. We love supporting mothers through pregnancy and postpartum! South Florida Pediatric Chiropractor