Your SECOND brain?! What the gut?

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Gut feeling

“That gut feeling” is a real thing! Your stomach aches from a stressful situation, or you’ve got knots in your stomach from making a decision. Do you know the feeling we are talking about? You’ve got a little nervous system in your gut, the enteric nervous system, which communicates with your brain through the autonomic nervous system. The millions of nerves that line your gut send signals to your brain that elicit emotional responses and physical responses within your body! We talk A LOT about “fight or flight” responses around here, and your gut can trigger that response. 

The problem is that when your gut can’t send the right signals to your brain, your brain stops a SUPER important thing – the ability to poop well.


chiropractic for gut health

Your “gut brain” has a major effect on your poop probs!

Those millions of nerves that line every inch of your gut communicate directly to your brain through your vagus nerve. Imagine it like a constant conversation. The gut says, “hey, brain, it’s time to get rid of this waste that I’ve been working hard to make.” The brain should get the message via the vagus nerve and say, “cool, let’s start a bowel movement.” This sort of conversation should be everflowing between your gut and your brain. 

Why your gut is not healthy

But sometimes your gut and your brain lose connection

Since the vagus nerve plays a large role in the conversation between your gut and your brain, when that nerve is not functioning the way that it should, it breaks the connection. When this disconnection happens, your gut becomes inflamed. That inflammation does a few things. 

  1. An inflamed gut SLOWS or STOPS the communication from the nerves in your gut to the Vagus Nerve 
  2. An inflamed gut makes it incredibly hard to use the bathroom 
  3. Gut inflammation can also affect your mental health 

So, of course, the ultimate goal is to keep communication flowing between your gut and your brain. But how?

Gut brain connection

To keep the conversation going between your gut and your brain, your Vagus Nerve needs to be free of interference.

This is where chiropractic care comes in! During an adjustment with a neurologically focused chiropractor, like us, we assess the function of your vagus nerve. At each and every adjustment, we work to restore the function of your nervous system so that your brain can communicate effectively with the rest of your body – especially your gut!

Chiropractic adjustments for vagus nerve

At Blossom Family Chiropractic, we take a neurological approach to chiropractic care. We know how important the vagus nerve is to your entire body and how you feel. When we assess each patient at our St. Petersburg office, we use advanced technology to measure HOW their vagus nerve is functioning

With our very specific adjusting techniques, we are able to help your vagus nerve communicate at its best capacity with your brain. Our in-depth scans show us exactly where the miscommunication is so that we can adjust at the precise place. 

If you are in St. Pete, Florida area and are having digestive issues, book an appointment with us so we can help your vagus nerve function at its best!

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