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Understanding Ear Infections in Children: Causes & Prevention

While ear infections are very common to see in children, they’re NOT normal to have! Let’s talk a little bit about why babies and kids actually develop ear infections early in life…

One of the most common reasons that ear infections occur is because of birth trauma. In 90% of cases, the stress of a vaginal or cesarian birth creates a subluxation or misalignment in the top part of the child’s neck. This misalignment places stress on the C1 nerve that innervates the tensor veli palatini muscle (the muscle surrounding the eustachian tube). When this misalignment occurs, it places stress on the nerve and impairs it’s normal function. This causes the muscle to constantly contract, and doesn’t allow for the fluid to exit or drain the ear.

When your child comes home from daycare with that new snotty nose, or is congested from the new tooth coming in, the mucous pools together like a pond and becomes a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.

Even if the child is given an antibiotic (which only work on bacterial infections),  the antibiotic will only wipe out the bacteria, and leave the same underlying issue.  Too often, we see that since the fluid was not able to drain and was left there, the virus or bacteria will re-develop, and will lead to recurrent ear infections.

Chiropractic adjustments are the only solution to actually help the ear to drain. By taking stress off the C1 nerve, the muscle is able to open up, and allow the fluid to drain out. This not only helps the current active ear infection but also prevents future ear infections from occurring.

If you are in the St. Petersburg or Tampa area, and are looking for a natural solution to battle chronic ear infections in your child, check out the leading pediatric chiropractors at Blossom Family Chiropractic.