How can I tell how my nervous system is functioning? *Thermal scans*

How do you know how your nervous system in functioning?

As we know, our nervous system controls every cell, tissue, muscle, and organ system within the body. But how do you know how yours is functioning? In the same way that you use a blood test to determine your blood sugar, we TEST to objectively determine how your nervous system is working so that our doctors can provide the best care possible.

Our office uses a series of objective tests that allow us to see what is going on, and determine the frequency and length of chiropractic care needed.

The thermal scan is the first objective scan that we utilize in the office. It is a non-invasive scan that looks for inflammation or stress on the individual spinal nerves. The thermal scan identifies where the problem area occurs, and how severe the problem is. When looking at the scan, we want to see white. This indicates normal nervous system function. Green indicates a mild amount of stress on those nerves, blue indicates a moderate amount of stress, and red indicates a severe amount of stress.

We recently had a patient come in with headaches, allergies, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and anxiety. When we scanned the patient, we saw a severe amount of stress in the top portion of the neck. We explained to the patient that there was a significant amount of stress on the nerves going into C1, C2, and C3 areas. These nerves innervate the the head, eyes, ears and sinuses. When we see a severe amount of stress sustained in that area, we often see headaches and sinus/allergy issues.

In addition, this top part of the neck is also a crucial area that impacts the parasympathetic nervous system, the portion of our nervous system that controls sleep, relaxation, and healing. When we see stress locked into the upper cervical area (as shown on the thermal scan), it interferes with the parasympathetic part of our nervous system, and ramps the person into a fight or flight stressed state. When the patient is in that sympathetic state, we typically see symptoms like trouble sleeping, low energy, anxiety, and increased stress levels.

The thermal scan gives us a window into the nervous system to see exactly WHY the person is experiencing symptoms, and address the underlying root cause. These scans give us the information we need so we can restore normal nervous system function and significantly improve the person’s health.

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