Busy Mom healthy habits

Healthy Habits for a Busy Mom Life


Mom life is incredible, amazing, and filled with so much love! It’s wonderful to see your little ones grow up to be happy, healthy and enjoying life! That’s what we all want for our kiddos, right?

Exhaustion from long days and lack of sleep, and stress from looming deadlines at work and life in general can come along with the many wonderful experiences of being a Mom!

Remind yourself that it is okay to slow down, and not feel bad for having to step back to take care of yourself, even if it just for a few minutes.

The key to living healthy while having a family is to keep it simple, not overcomplicate or overthink things.

And most importantly, know that taking care of yourself is not selfish. Think of it as if you don’t make the time to care for yourself, you are actually doing a disservice to your family who needs you to be there for them. If you don’t have energy, feel cranky, or just completely burnt out, you will be useless to anyone.

Taking care of ourselves does not have to be complicated. In fact, it can be as SIMPLE as this….

1. Hydrating first thing in the morning is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health.

Drink 1 glass of filtered water, followed by a cup of warm water with fresh lemon before breakfast. This will hydrate you, help your body flush out toxins (did you know toxins are stored as fat?), fire up your metabolism, help alleviate heartburn and indigestion, and keep your skin clear. The lemon is great for its Vitamin C and helps with digestion.

2. Keep 5 simple recipes on your kitchen counter always.

Doing this will save you from downing a bag of chips or ordering takeout when you are starving and tired come to dinnertime. These recipes should be simple enough that you can whip them up in about 15-20 minutes with your eyes closed, and contain ingredients that you usually keep on hand.

Quinoa with roasted vegetables.
Vegetable soup
Vegetable stir fry
Curry Vegetable dish
Baked Fish with roasted vegetables
Stuffed mushrooms or zucchini
Lettuce Taco wraps

3. When you cook, batch cook.

You don’t have to cook every night to eat well and stay healthy. However, when you cook, always make extra. It doesn’t take any more time to make 2 cups of quinoa instead of 1 or to roast extra vegetables. Cooking ahead will set you up with healthy lunch or dinner options for the next day or two.

4. Make time for yourself.

Only you can make the time to take care of yourself. I recommend putting time on your calendar and honoring this time by not cancelling on yourself! Taking time out to rejuvenate is sometimes all we need to feel energized, and can allow you to gain a new perspective on things.

Take a bath or steamy shower, enjoy a walk around the block, stretch your body, sit in a comfy chair and practice deep breathing, or read a book for a few minutes… whatever you would like!

5. Indulge in key supplements.

Our body runs on required vitamins and nutrients, and our digestive system runs on required “good bacteria” to function properly. Take a high-quality soil-based organism probiotic, and a Vitamin D3 supplement. Our gut houses 70% of our immune system, and good digestion is crucial for overall health, so therefore a healthy digestive system is key to good health. Vitamin D3 plays a role in fighting disease, supports the immune system, brain, and whole nervous system, reduces depression, maintains the health of bones and teeth, improves lung function and cardiovascular health, and reduces the risk of diabetes.