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  1. What is Empowered Births & Beginnings?

Empowered Births and Beginnings exists to empower women and their partners through some of the most memorable times of their lives; the birth of their child and the postpartum period. With #reallife conversations, evidence-based education, and compassionate, non-biased support, I offer childbirth education and empowerment classes and 4th trimester (postpartum) doula services.

  1. What inspired you to create Empowered Births & Beginnings?

I knew when I took my own childbirth education class when pregnant with our first baby, that I was going to teach.  The empowerment I felt by learning what to expect, how to cope through my labor and how to include my partner fully in the process was what started it all.

Fast forward to after having two babies SUPER close together, and going through some pretty tough times as a new Mom during my 4th Trimester and beyond, I realized that there’s just too much noise out there in the world around #Momming – what to do, what not to do, judgement, fear, mompetition and I just got SUPER clear that what we as Moms need is help navigating through that noise and cutting out all the stuff that doesn’t resonate, and learning to trust our intuition in the process. Not an easy feat, but oh so important to our own sanity and peace of mind, and to that of our sweet families.  Hence, the addition of my 4th trimester doula services, and helping to co-create and lead the Normalizing the 4th Trimester Moms Groups that are about to start up at Breath of Life, next month (April 2nd).

  1. What is your vision/goal for women who go through your birth series?

My intention is that they leave with a greater sense of their strength, intuition and greatness leading up to their births so that they can face the unpredictable nature of labor and childbirth with power and confidence. In providing a well-rounded and evidence-based series, it is also my intention to help women and their partners to understand their options and to feel confident in conversations with their care providers leading up to their birth, encouraging informed choices and a collaborative and trusting relationship with their care providers. This is SO my heart.

  1. Can you explain some details of each birth class?

My classes are a combination of evidence based information, gentle exercises, conscious breathing, and #reallife conversations, these are classes for everyone, regardless of their birth preferences or facility.

Breath and Movement: Two Keys to an Empowered Labor and Birth

I kick off the series by teaching how important breath and movement are during labor. Moms and labor partners will learn practical techniques to foster awareness and presence in the body, to be used both during labor and those final weeks of pregnancy. We’ll also discuss easy to remember and helpful tips around nutrition, ensuring Mom and baby get what they need during pregnancy.

The Letting Go of Labor: Stages and Phases and Labor Support Techniques

I love this class – we focus on what’s happening during Stage 1 labor: early, active and transition. We talk about physical and emotional signs so that Moms and Dads can understand what’s happening and how to identify how Mom is moving through the phases of Stage 1 labor. Moms will learn some more movement techniques and Dads (or labor partners) will do an exercise to understand how to support Moms during labor.

Practice for Labor: Labor Positions and a Labor Rehearsal

Moms and labor partners will learn different comfort measures, tools for labor, and multiple positions to help bring their baby into the world. Upon completing this class, Moms and Dads (labor partners) will have “rehearsed” a labor experience, giving them both confidence in their abilities and memories and tools to draw upon for when they go into labor.

Pushing, Placentas and Making Informed Choices 

One of the most impactful classes in the series, in this class we cover what expecting parents need to know about natural, non-medical ways to encourage labor to begin or progress and a review of common medical interventions. We will cover what their options are and what questions to ask their care provider in order to help them make informed and empowered choices. We also focus on Stage 2 labor and how to push that beautiful baby earthside and what to know about Stage 3 Labor, birthing the placenta.

Preparing for Baby: The First Hour, The First Few Weeks

Moms and Dads will learn what to expect in the first hour of their baby arriving earthside, including what are common procedures in various birth settings, and what they need to know to ensure those first few moments are within their expectations and as sacred as possible.

They’ll be prepared for the first few weeks by learning the basics of baby care and an intro to breastfeeding, with many additional resources given for support. We also discuss things they can do now to create a powerful beginning to their “4th Trimester” so that it is as peaceful as possible for them and their new baby.


The next Empowered Birth Series starts Thursday, May 3rd at Thank You Mama.

For more information, go to @EmpoweredBirthandBeginnings on Facebook!

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