Thank You Mama

Business of the Month Highlight: Thank You Mama

Thank You Mama

1. What types of wellness services does Thank You Mama offer?

Our mission at Thank You Mama is to empower healthy family beginnings. We offer access to the healing benefits of alternative medicine and in-depth educational opportunities. Offering massage therapy, acupuncture, and herbal medicines, we are committed to servicing the evolving needs of your entire family.

2. What are some common health issues that acupuncture and massage therapy can help with? 

With a relationship with someone that knows your body, you are able to consult with your acupuncture physician from anything that disturbs the ease of your life from acute discomforts to chronic pain and disease. In addition, your Thank You Mama Acupuncture Physician has advanced training in Gynecological, Fertility, and Pregnancy issues. Your body’s main function is to maintain balance within. As a result of hectic lifestyles, environmental pollution, and a myriad of other stressors, your body can become out of balance.  Through massage therapy, you can take the time to slow down and care for yourself, improve circulation, relieve pain, and retake the balance that is inherently yours.

3. What are the health benefits of prenatal and postnatal massages? 

Massage helps ease the discomforts associated with pregnancy due to shifts in posture, hormonal changes and increasing weight on the body, including headaches, low back pain, and sciatica. Massage helps to increase circulation, reduce swelling, and even improve skin elasticity. Your treatment will promote relaxation & ddeep breathing and stabilize hormone levels by reducing anxiety and stress. You will regain increased body awareness for easier labor while enjoying relaxation and pain reduction.

Postnatal and motherwarming massages restore the abdomen, re-balancing postural and movement patterns. It helps reduce musculoskeletal strain of mothering tasks and provides support for the integration of the childbearing experience. We feel that caring for yourself during the postpartum period is just as important as the time during pregnancy, a healthy mama equals a healthy family.

To book an appointment or fore more information, contact Thank You Mama @ 727-289-7250.