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Top 3 Ways to Battle Ear Infections

Top 3 Ways to Battle Ear Infections


With cooler weather comes the Holidays, lots of sweets, and the not-so-jolly sniffles. This time of year is described as the “cold and flu” season and is a time that many experience in an increase in yucky symptoms. These colds promote sinus drainage and excess mucus (fluid) build-up in the ears, which often leads to ear infections in little ones. Here are the top 3 things that you can do to battle these ear infections:


1) Find a pediatric chiropractor and get your child adjusted


As a pediatric chiropractor, I have many parents who initially bring in their little ones due to re-occurring ear infections. Chiropractic adjustments are incredibly effective in draining the ear, combatting the infection, boosting the immune system, and preventing future ear infections.


The nerve coming out of the top of the neck innervates the muscle (tensor veli palatini) that surrounds the Eustachian tube. After birth, the top bone in the neck is often misaligned and can placed stress onto this nerve, causing the tensor veli palatini muscle to spasm. When this happens, fluid comes into the Eustachian tube and cannot escape. The fluid becomes stagnant and develops into an infection. Gentle and safe pediatric adjustments take stress of the impacted nerve, and allow the muscle to relax so that the fluid can drain from the ear. Ear infections are a plumbing problem and chiropractors act as the plumbers to get things moving again!


In addition, chiropractic adjustments boost the immune system by up to 200% which increases the body’s ability to fight off future infections!


Here is a link to a video that goes into more explanation of chiropractic and how it can benefit kids who suffer with ear infections:


2) Eliminate Dairy and Gluten


Dietary changes play a huge role in the function of the immune system and overall mucus production. Foods that contain dairy and gluten are inflammatory to the body, and increase the production of mucus/ fluid that drains into the ear. If your little one is prone to ear infections, I encourage you to eliminate these foods the diet (especially while there is an active ear infection)!


3)Garlic Oil


Garlic has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidizing properties. Garlic also contains an anti-microbial agent, allicin. All the properties of garlic can be used to decrease inflammation, infection, and pain associated with ear infections. Garlic can be in the form of oil, allowing easy absorption through the skin, and inner ear. Many recipes can be found online to make your own garlic oil, or it can be purchased online or at most natural health food stores.


Here is a recipe you can use:


OR if you choose to buy one online, here is a brand that I recommend:


Apply a few drops to the ear, and use a cotton ball to cover the ear, once or twice per day. Use garlic oil drops for children when they are asleep so the oil can fully absorb. Although garlic oil is a natural and effective way to battle ear infections, it is not recommended when the eardrum is ruptured.


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