The relationship between Spinal Health and The Immune System

The relationship with your spinal health and your immune system are very important and needed for optimal health. A couple areas that I wanted to talk to you about were first the upper cervical and then right down to the sacrum. That’s where your parasympathetic nervous system is mostly housed. And what that does is get your body out of that fight or flight state.

So it’s going to reduce stress levels, it’s going to reduce cortisol levels and help regulate all of those stress hormones. And what that does is it helps your immune system function optimally because we know when we’re in stressed out stages for long periods of time, it can decrease the function of your immune system.

Another area that we focus on is your vagus nerve. So that vagus nerve is sitting again right outside of that upper cervical area. So when this gets misaligned, it can place pressure on that vagus nerve and that’s going to go down into your thymus gland as well as your upper thoracic nerves, helping control that thymus gland, which is a huge portion of your immune function and how it’s able to mature those immune cells and help you fight off any bugs.

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