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Babies And Chiropractic Care: What You Need To Know!

The arrival of a new baby into the world is a monumental event for mom and baby! Birth is a huge adjustment for your baby as they adapt to life outside of the womb. They go through a significant amount of change in their first year of life, and this period of time is an important turning point in their development.


Chiropractic Care in the First Year of Life

Contrary to what is commonly believed, chiropractic care is of HUGE value to patients of any age – but especially in their first year! In light of the fact that childhood is characterized by exceptionally rapid growth and development, it is wildly important to make sure that your child’s nervous system is balanced so that their body can adapt to the rapid changes.

During the first year of life, babies will often encounter a few “common” (but NOT normal) issues. Things like colic, constipation, and ear infection are what parents brace themselves for as their baby moves through their first year. But what if we told you that when babies are regularly adjusted from birth, they experience these things LESS often, and when they do experience them, it is less intense? 


At Blossom Family Chiropractic we know the impact that chiropractic adjustments have on the immune system of kiddos and we know that infants who are regularly adjusted experience less of the “common” issues. 


The #1 Reason Why New Parents Should See A Chiropractor

Taking your newborn to the chiropractor on a regular basis is like making an investment in their health and their growth. Babies can benefit from chiropractic care from the moment they are born until the time they take their first steps. Gentle chiropractic adjustments give your baby the nervous system balance that they need to readily reach their movement milestones (rolling, crawling, walking) and provide them with the cognitive resources they need to learn how to self-regulate and adapt to the world around them. 


Taking care of your health involves more than just attending to it in the here and now; rather, it also involves making preparations for the future. This also applies to your newborn infant!

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Newborns And Chiropractic: Reasons Babies Need A Regular Adjustment

If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional treatment, chiropractic care is a great option because it focuses on the nervous system. Maintaining a healthy nervous system is essential since it regulates the functioning of the entire body. The health benefits include, among other things, a better immune system, less stress and anxiety, and better sleep.


Chiropractic care gives your baby more energy, helps them digest food better, and relieves the symptoms of colic as well as other gastrointestinal problems (or prevents them altogether!).


How often should I take my baby to the chiropractor?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, but seeing a chiropractor regularly is generally suggested. At Blossom Family Chiropractic we use in-depth assessments and data to determine your child’s care plan and only adjust when necessary! 


If your child is experiencing any kind of acute health issues, your chiropractor may suggest more frequent visits. Consistency, after all, is the key to achieving great results. 


During the duration of care, the practicing chiropractor who sees your child will be able to evaluate what your child’s specific requirements are and provide recommendations based on what they find. We suggest finding an ICPA-certified chiropractor who uses the appropriate technology to develop a care plan. 



As parents, we want what’s best for our children but we don’t always know what’s best for them so it won’t hurt to heed the advice of those who have gotten through it. Know and take what resonates with your child’s needs. Do your own research and trust your gut instinct. At the end of the day, what matters is that your child gets the best you have hoped for them. 


If you are in St. Petersburg, Florida, and looking for an ICPA-certified pediatric chiropractor to balance your sweet, new baby’s nervous system, reach out to us!


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