Way to Boost Energy

6 Ways To Boost Your Energy Right Now

Way to Book EnergyHappy November and Tuesday! One more day closer to Friday, but just not close enough. You may be sitting at your desk, feeling tried and drained…stuck inside a stuffy office with crappy fluorescent lighting… had a busy weekend of work and kids’ events, or a long weekend of too much fun and now back to work for the week…with a booked schedule of deadlines and appointments…

Balancing work and life is A LOT, throw school into the mix and it can be very overwhelming, and burn your energy fast. Remember to take care of yourself, even through all your schedule craziness. Care for your body and mind. Self-care is crucial to living a healthy and happy life, and we all want to be healthy and happy, right?

Let’s start November on a healthy positive note! Here we have six ways to boost your energy right now. Start working with one, then incorporate more and notice how each one makes you feel, both mentally and physically. Be mindful and listen to your body – your body knows exactly what it needs to thrive and be healthy. These will not only boost your energy but also boost your mood and productivity. Great energy is a good marker of health!

6 Ways to Boost your Energy Right Now

  1. Meditate and Breathe: Turn off your phone and computer, and disconnect with your surroundings for 10 minutes. Sit comfortably with your spine straight, eyes closed, and practice deep breathing. Focus on your breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly.
  2. Drink a Green Machine: Skip the energy drink and go for a nutrient-packed smoothie. Nourish your body with the good stuff that Mother Nature provides for us. You can make your smoothie in the morning before work to have in the afternoon or have a blender at work (don’t worry your co-workers won’t be annoyed by the noisy blender, they will want in on your energy booster tricks).
    • Green smoothie: non-dairy milk, handful spinach/other dark leafy greens, frozen banana, handful frozen or fresh fruits (blueberries, mango, dark cherries etc.), healthy fat/super-food (coconut oil, avocado, chia, hemp, flaxseeds)!
  • Go for a Walk: Take 10-20 minutes to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Research shows that sunshine energizes you, boosts your mood, and provides you with your healthy daily dose of vitamin D. Your skin will be glowing after a couple days of this (and that’s always a plus)! Wear heels to work? Then, have a pair of sneakers at work to slip on for your walk.
  • Hydrate: Dehydration is the number one cause of fatigue. Fluid supports the flow of blood in your body. If there is not enough fluid in your blood, your body will over-work itself, causing fatigue, dizziness, and mental fogginess. Hydrate yourself with water, lemon infused water, and herbal teas throughout the day to supply your cells with nutrients and oxygen, and to keep your energy up!
  • Have Good Posture: Sitting at a desk all day on a computer can compromise your posture a great deal. When you sit or stand with you neck and head forward, your arteries become agitated, which restricts the blood flow to your brain (similar to dehydration). Research suggests shifting your posture to an erected spine can give you more energy and reduce stress. Your mom was right – sit up straight, no slouching!
  • Get Adjusted: Chiropractic care is a drug-free approach to wellness. Regular adjustments are vital for keeping your body balanced, flexible, and functioning at its best. Not only does chiropractic care improve your posture and physical performance, but also improves the nerve communication within your body and boosts your immune system!

Everything is more enjoyable when you are filled with energy!