How can chiropractic care help babies with breech presentation?

How to turn a breech baby

Can a chiropractor turn a breech baby?

Are you wondering what it means to have a breech baby? As the clock ticks down, you’re probably eager to hear that your baby is in the best position for delivery. It can be frustrating when you’re not really sure why your baby still hasn’t turned or is in the breech position! Towards the end of the third trimester, there’s no longer a lot of space for the baby in the uterus. And these physiological changes can make it difficult for pregnant mothers and their babies. Here’s what you need to know about, what breech presentation is and how chiropractic care can help with breech babies.

What is Breech Presentation?

The vast majority of babies are in a “head down” position by week 34. During the first two trimesters, babies are constantly moving around inside the uterus. There’s a lot of room and it’s part of their normal development. But during the third trimester, babies have to settle into a head-down position, which is the safest position in preparation for labor and delivery. But if the baby is positioned to come out with his bottom or feet first, the baby is breech. 

Most babies are head down by 34 weeks of pregnancy, though some are in the proper birthing position earlier and others may wait until later to turn head down. After 34 weeks, the likelihood of a baby turning on its own is low due to reduced space in the uterus. Breech presentation is one of the most common reasons that C-sections are performed.

What causes a baby to be in a breech position?

Most of the time, the position of the baby is a chance occurrence with no clear cause. Some of the common causes include:

  • Tension in your pelvis, hips or uterine muscles
  • Too much or too little amniotic fluid
  • You’re expecting twins
  • A low-lying placenta
  • Uterus is not normal in shape
  • A short umbilical cord
  • If a woman has had several pregnancies
  • Older maternal age
Can you turn a breech baby?

How Chiropractic Can Help With Breech Babies During Pregnancy

 A common question we receive from pregnant mothers is if chiropractic care can help with their breech baby. The answer is absolutely, yes! The benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy are hugely significant, both for moms and babies. Chiropractic care, and the Webster technique specifically, is excellent for pregnant moms. It not only reduces pain, prepares them for easier labor and delivery, and is better for the overall health of both mom and baby, but it also helps with breech positioning. The primary goal of chiropractic care is to address misalignments (also called subluxations) to make more room in the pelvis.

The Webster Technique is sometimes referred to as “the baby-turning technique.” Unfortunately, the name is a misconception itself. You may be surprised to know that the chiropractic adjustment will not attempt to turn your baby. Instead, the adjustment is about creating space in the pelvis so your baby can more freely move into an optimal position on their own. It helps to relax the ligaments and joints of your pelvis. Doing this creates a more functional environment for the fetus. In the end, you’ll have a bit more room so your baby can turn with ease. Even if the baby is not breech, misalignments in the pelvis may inhibit the normal progression of delivery. But with chiropractic adjustments, the pelvis is relaxed and delivery can proceed easily, reducing stress on both mother and baby.

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If you are pregnant and have a breech baby, it is important to consult with us as soon as possible. We may be able to help your baby turn into the correct position for delivery, making for an easier and less stressful experience! At Blossom Family Chiropractic, we aim to help you have the best chance to optimize your health and well-being. We would love the opportunity to help you and your family achieve optimal health.

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