What Stress Does to the Nervous System (and it’s STRESSFUL right now)

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Wow. Right?! Just wow. It is a crazy time right now no matter where you are living. Here in Pinellas County, we’re in our second month home with the shelter in place, and our “back to life” date still unknown. That’s tough. There’s no way around the fact that things are filled with STRESS right now. 

Unfortunately the added stressors to us all are not only in the forms of every day stress, but added financial stress, e-learning stress, cooped up in the house stress, and really just stress that seems to be in the air right now. Want to know the #1 most dangerous thing to our health? Stress. And we’re living it right now.

So the question becomes how do I follow the guidelines in place, stay home, AND take care of my health? That’s where Blossom Family Chiropractic comes in. We are offering a Wait List New Patient voucher for only $47.

With lots of experience caring for kids, pregnant mamas, and families, we definitely notice extra stressful times bring extra sickness and struggles that aren’t even Coronavirus related. Just stress related. We want to help you change the current state of your stressed out nervous system!

Not only are the school year academic e-learning and financial pressures piling up, but so are the cohort of kids who don’t like change and variability all that much. So not only are you stressed, but your whole family is stressed.

A quick dose of science in this conversation – its important parents know how intimately connected the Nervous System and Immune Systems are. The reason so many ADHD, SPD, ASD, and Anxiety kiddos struggle with immune and respiratory illnesses is because their Nervous System is already taxed and stressed to begin with, so the Immune System gets the short end of the stick and becomes suppressed and weak as well.

With extra stress, with the Immune System has to work overtime to deal with everything in the environment, the Nervous System’s ability to regular emotions, behavior, and focus becomes suppressed and challenged more than usual.

Especially during these times, a way to measure and find out how well your nervous system is working is hugely important! Wouldn’t it be great to know it’s functioning and performing at a healthy level or how to increase your body’s ability to adapt to that stress right now?

Well, there absolutely is, and we know there’s never been a more important time for this so we’re offering the $47 Wait List special! As an essential Florida provider, we’re doing all we can to keep our community healthy so we can keep people home and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals as they combat this virus.  These Wait List specials are limited as our office follows all guidelines of social distancing and puts forth over the top and necessary cleaning procedures between patients. Because of these guidelines, we have to limit the offers we can provide. If you’re not comfortable leaving the house right now but know your health is a priority, we can get you scheduled in May too if you call us now to get on the list.

Below is a set of scans that measure stress upon the Nervous System. We can measure your stress levels right now, before chiropractic.

The scans we use to test stress are included in the Wait List $47 special pricing. You can see the effect chiropractic has on stress levels (reds are bad, white is good) on this patient’s Nervous System and Immune System, greatly improved.

Nervous System Care

 Mom and Dad are so relieved to not only not see this guy not suffer anymore, but also to not constantly be running back and forth to the pediatrician, allergist, and pharmacy, accruing constant co-pays and continually putting medications full of side effects into their child. A happy, healthy nervous system is a happy healthy immune system!

We understand times are crazy right now but that doesn’t mean our health still can’t thrive by scheduling  a visit to Blossom Family Chiropractic!