Stress and Chiropractic CareThere are different forms of stress but not ALL forms are bad for your body. A 20-minute workout at the gym for a fit 25-year old is great stress. The same workout for a 75-year old grandmother would likely be bad stress! It all comes down to how your body is able to adapt!

Types Of Stress That Your Body Encounters:

1) Physical Stress

The process of being born, small repetitive movements (i.e. styling hair), postural distortions (i.e. sleeping the wrong way), whiplash, playing sports, and slips and falls are all types of physical stress that your body encounters.

2) Emotional Stress

Have you ever faced a deadline at work? Had a troubled relationship? Dealt with a financial hardship? These are all types of emotional stress that have a significant impact on our health and on our body.

3) Chemical Stress

Pharmaceuticals, preservatives, pesticides, toxic housecleaners, alcohol, and tobacco are various forms of chemical stress that directly affect the way that our nervous system functions.

These forms of stress cause subluxations (stress to the nervous system). Chiropractic removes the stress on your master control system so that your body can adapt, heal, and function optimally. Stress cannot be eliminated, but regular chiropractic care may help you better accommodate and adapt to it. If you are facing stress, please contact our office to ask how we may be able to help!