Chiropractic Care and AllergiesChiropractic care doesn’t “treat” allergies. So, why do so many people with allergies mention that they see improvement after receiving regular chiropractic care?

Your nervous system is the master control system that coordinates and controls your immune system, your respiratory system, your glandular system, and every other system that responds inappropriately to an allergen. Your nervous system SHOULD allow your body to respond and adapt to the environment around you. However, incontrollable sneezing is a sign that your body is unable to adapt appropriately. If you are unable to deal with things you eat, breathe, or come into contact with, it may be because your margin to adapt is used up.

Your Body & How It Adapts

Imagine a child carrying a bucket. The bucket starts to fill up with each stressful encounter the child faces. So, every time there is a physical, chemical, or emotional stress, the bucket fills a little more. Over time, the bucket fills and starts to overflow. This is similar to how your body reacts and adapts to its environment. If your bucket is completely filled, and you encounter pollen, cat hair, or certain foods, your bucket overflows. When that happens, you have an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction happens when people lose their ability to adapt, and their “margin” is used up.

So, rather than focusing on each individual allergen, we focus on restoring your body’s ability to adapt to allergens. Chiropractic reduces stress to the nervous system so that your body is able to function optimally.

If you suffer from allergies, please give us a call. We would love to discuss your specific allergy and explain how chiropractic may help.